Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Science Fair Opportunity

Is your family looking forward to participating in a science fair this school year?  If you are not plugged in with a science fair, there may be an alternative for you.  Not all schools may offer a science fair.  The process of creating a science experiment can be rewarding and educational in many ways.  

A 4-H Science Fair will be held Saturday, January 12, 2013 at the Catawba Science Center.  This 4-H Science Fair has been successfully held for four years and for the last two years has been a qualifying event allowing youth to take their projects on to the regional and state science fairs (optional).

The fair is open to 5-18 year olds.  It is designed to be a thorough, educational experience.  The science fair is open to many counties in our region and youth from Watauga County are eligible to participate.  The organizers have some great materials on putting together a science project and will be offering information sessions to help navigate through the process.   Contact the Watauga County 4-H office if you are interested.  More science fair resources are posted on our science link... see here....

Categories include:
Life Science
Physical Science
Earth and Environment
Technology and Engineering