Volunteer Opportunities

There are many different ways to help support the 4-H program, regardless of whether you have children enrolled in 4-H or not. You do not need previous experience with 4-H to volunteer. There are opportunities to work directly with children, or work 'behind the scenes' with 4-H programs. It all depends on your interest and talents.

What special interests, talents, sparks do you have to share with young people?

Upcoming Opportunities:

Ongoing Opportunities:

Working Directly with Children
Club Leader

Club leaders meet with clubs once or twice a month, working with members and their families to coordinate club activities. Often, several leaders will work as a team dividing the responsibilities for managing the club. Such divisions are based on the volunteer's interests and skills, and may include leading educational programs, coordinating field trips, organizing fundraising projects, or planning for community service activities.
TIME COMMITMENT: Most club leaders spend about 5-10 hours per month planning for meetings and meeting with the club members.

Special Interest Instructor
4-H offers many short-term educational programs that generally meet after school or in the evenings, or during the day when school isn't in session. A wide range of topics are offered, depending on the volunteers available, and their skills. Examples are: sewing, woodworking, horticulture, electricity, beekeeping and horses. Special Interest Instructors prepare the materials and lead classes. For many topics, 4-H has leaders' guides, with prepared lesson plans, and members manuals available. Volunteers determine the number of participants and establish the age limits for their class. Most classes are offered to children in one of three age groups: 5-8, 9-12, or 13-18.
TIME COMMITMENT: The time commitment varies depending on the topic. Often, special interest groups meet for 4-6 weeks, 2 hours per week.

4-H Summer Program Volunteer 
Serve as a chaperone for program participants, ages 5-19 including, preparing and serving snacks, helping youth to comprehend and follow instructions and assist the 4-H staff as necessary to ensure that all youth are safe.
TIME COMMITMENT: Varies according to the length of the workshops.

Working Behind the Scenes
JOB DESCRIPTION: 4-H offers many competitive events throughout the year, and lots of judges are needed to share their positive comments and expertise.
TIME COMMITMENT: Depends on the event. 1-2 hours typically.
4-H Advisory Board Member
JOB DESCRIPTION: The Advisory Board is the guiding body of the 4-H program. It is made up of a team of 6-10 community leaders who work with local staff to guide and support the local program.
TIME COMMITMENT: Board members usually meet quarterly for about 2 hours per meeting and assist with programs and activities throughout the year.