Teen Leadership

Teen Leadership Opportunities

Leadership:  helping yourself and others achieve goals
Leadership and citizenship go hand in hand. Citizenship can be considered broadly as the collective action we take to address our common concerns (from 4-H Public Adventures).

4-H offers many ways for young people to be involved in leadership and citizenship. "An important part of being civically engaged is asking what you can do for your country, as well as your school, neighborhood, town and county." (Civic Engagement: After-School Activities for Citizenship, Leadership and Service)

See below for some 4-H opportunities in leadership and civic engagement

2014 Activities

4-H Congress
13 year olds and older 4-H participants
Join in the annual state event with over 600 youth, volunteers and agents from across the state. Meet 4-H’ers from every county in the state, attend workshops, see NC State and more.  Leadership and Citizenship/Civics tracts.  Learn more things you can do in 4-H
Youth Voice Summit 
14-19 year olds
Brainstorm solutions to the top issues youth face in North Carolina
Scholarship available

Teen Leadership Conference
Join other 4-H’ers across the region for inspiration, fun, and more!

Participate in other district or local 4-H events, such as Teen Retreat (March or April) and more!
Other Youth Advocacy resources
How to advocate youth issues