4-H Project Records

Project Records:
A tool used to help 4-H'ers record what has been accomplished through a 4-H Project for the year. The project record form guides the 4-H'er in setting goals and recording what has been accomplished.

This process helps youth make a portfolio-like document recording what they have learned. Participants receive acknowledgment and pride for a job well done. District competition winners earn recognition money!

Select the topic/project. You can do a project record on your project group topic or select an activity guide from the Extension office. Or, you can do a project on anything that fits in one of the 9 project record categories. Get the Project Plan forms, which provides the format of the project records. Set goals; decide what you want to learn and do with the topic(s). Then do activities related to your topic! At the end of the year, creatively show what you actually did.

Download project record forms