Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fair Fun

For kids and adults who have been creative, making crafts, photography, artwork
(paintings from watercolor to crayon), jewelry, sewing and more.

Get your entries to the Mountain State Fair with the Pony Express

Want to show off your summer’s bounty? Why not create an entry for the Mountain State Fair. Exhibit a beautiful flower or giant squash.
Create an amazing recipe. Or, if you created a wonderful piece of art, you can enter it- drawings, crafts, photographs recycled art and more. The fair makes it easier for us to participate with the Pony Express. They will come pick up your non-perishable items on and return them after the fair! You can drop off your items by August 22 at the Cooperative Extension office.

See what competitions you can join in on at
We will be happy to find the category your entry may fall in.

Check HERE for fair catalog

The event goes from September 9-18 in Fletcher, NC