Friday, February 12, 2010

4-H Plant Sale

The 2010 4-H plant sale is up and running. We are changing our sale's name to "plant sale" because we are expanding our selection to include non-edible, native plants, which are a useful, pretty addition and can help your fruit plants be more fruitful.

We are selling the usual blueberry, raspberry, grape, strawberry and blackberry plants, but have a few “new” varieties to offer, such as the Ouachita blackberry, the Josephine raspberry and Chandler strawberry. Test plots show that these tend to do well in our area. We are continuing to have success with demand for the heritage apple varieties and have those in limited quantities.

Download a flyer here.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

4-H Specialty Camps

Can't make it to our county camping week? 4-H camps across the state offer "specialty" camps:

5-8 Year olds:
Cloverbud Camp; June 27-29; July 18-21
A shortened version of camp for younger ages.

9 and above:
Marine Science and Sailing (12-17 year olds); July 18-23
Target Sports (ages 10-16); July 11-16
Adventure Camp (ages 11-12), July 4-9
Other Adventure camps available for other ages and dates

Whitewater Adventures, 14-17 year olds; July 18-23

For details, contact the 4-H office at 264-3061 or check out the camp websites: